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Healthy Food Swap: Black Bean Pasta

Today's featured healthy food swap is fun and I can't wait to spill the beans and tell you all about it! It's called Organic Black Bean Spaghetti shape made by Explore Asian Authentic Cuisine, and it's so yummy. I found it at Costco recently and decided to give it a try.

Here's why we love it:

- Only TWO ingredients: black beans and water

- 100% USDA Certified Organic

- Certified Gluten Free

- Vegan & Vegetarian

- Kosher Parve

- Sodium Free

- 25 whopping grams of protein per serving (vs. only 7 grams in the whole wheat spaghetti in my pantry)

- 180 calories per serving (vs. 200 calories in the whole wheat spagetti)

- Super high in fiber: 12 grams per serving, meets 47% of daily value (vs. only 6 gm in the whole wheat spaghetti)

- High in iron, meets 36% daily value (more than 3 times the amount in the whole wheat spaghetti)

And best of all, it's versitile and delicious. You can eat it cold, hot, or in soups or on salads. I recently had a cold bowl of it plain with some olive oil, garlic, avocado, and tomato for lunch (and some berries on the side of course). So good! Check it out.... and then be sure to post your foodie pics on our FB page!

Do you have any fun, new (to you) foods that you want to share?

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