September 20, 2016

Back to school doesn't have to mean back to boring lunches. Gone are the days of the repetitive soggy turkey and cheese sandwich in a zip-top bag and welcome the more and more popular Bento-box lunch. Cuteness is key when building your Bento box, but getting back to basics is a great way to make healthier food choices, which, can help you meet your goals. Follow these tips to build a healthy Bento box!

1. Focus on fresh. Keep the foods you select as close to natural as possible and try to avoid processed, boxed, packaged "junk" foods.

2. Load up on colorful fruits and vegetables. Aim to fill half of your Bento box with some fruit and/or non-starchy veggies. Cutting them into cute shapes or arranging them in colorful patterns gives you bonus points.

3. Select lean proteins. Think: low-fat poultry or beef, healthy fish like salmon, baked tofu, lentils, beans and hummus.

4. Pick whole grains like whole wheat pasta, bread, crackers. Select brown rice over white rice. Or branch out and try anot...

September 2, 2016

We are gearing up for our next FREE 5 day Clean Eating Challenge starting on MONDAY! This challenge is designed to help you learn the basics about clean eating, and to help you get a jump start on achieving greater health. For this challenge, you can follow our suggested meal plan, or you can follow another one if you prefer. 

So many of you I'm sure are aware of what clean eating is, but for those of you that aren't let me explain. 

The Main Goals:
1️⃣ No processed junk food
2️⃣ No soda or juice 
3️⃣ No artificial sweeteners 
4️⃣ No artificial coloring 
5️⃣ No high fructose corn syrup

What you can have: 
1️⃣ Tons of fruits and veggies
2️⃣ Lean proteins 
3️⃣ Healthy fats and whole grain carbs
4️⃣ Eat yummy meals 
5️⃣ Get amazing results and feel great! 

Who's ready to get started? To join us on our next challenge, be sure to follow us on Facebook for all of the details!

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December 9, 2016

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